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Injury Lawyer

Injury Lawyer in Houston, TX

Suffering an injury due to the negligence of another person is a situation that many people in Houston see on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of these victims do not know what steps to take and end up trying to handle their case on their own, which causes them extra stress and what is almost certain, they will get an agreement for a smaller amount. If you have suffered an injury, it is essential that you hire an experienced injury lawyer who knows how to best handle your specific case and can get you the agreement you deserve.


What kind or types of “injuries” does the personal injury law encompass?

The right to “personal injury” (or “personal injury” in English) can be applied to any injury that a person or entity causes to another person, as long as said injury was caused by an intentional, negligent or reckless behavior, or for an action covered by objective liability. Some common causes of involuntary personal injury that can give you the right to claim damages through injury lawyers are:

The right to personal injury covers many situations in which the following occurs:

  • Physical, mental or reputational damage
  • Wrongful act
  • Negligence
  • Imprudence
  • Acts of intentional damage
  • Defective products

In cases where one of these factors is present, an injured person can recover a dollar amount for all the damages suffered (medical costs, lost wages, moral damages) by suing the person or entity that unjustly caused the damage.


Types of accidents that can cause personal injuries

Car accidents – Car accidents are rarely accidental. If you were injured due to another driver’s error, we can help you get fair compensation for your injuries that will help you recover better.

Work injury – If you suffered an injury while on the job, you may have the right to receive compensation from your employer to cover your medical bills and lost wages.

Medical Malapraxis – If you suffer an injury at the hands of a medical provider or due to a defective medication, we can help you seek fair and equitable compensation from insurance companies.

Wrongful Death – In the event that you lose a loved one due to the negligence of another, you may have the right to sue for monetary damages. We have the experience to help you protect the uncertainty of your financial future.

I suffered an injury, what do I do now?

Your health is the most important, so in the first place, what you should do is seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you think the injury is minimal, many times the effects of an accident are not fully felt for hours or even days after the initial event. After you have consulted with a doctor, you should contact an injury lawyer.

Insurers are “for-profit” businesses and will do everything possible to pay you as little as possible in an agreement. That is why it is so important to hire a lawyer who has experience obtaining the maximum possible compensation to your clients. Do everything possible to limit your conversations with insurance companies and never, under any circumstances, sign any document without first consulting with a lawyer.


Common mistakes after an Injury:

  • Trying to “take it” – All injuries suffered in accidents cause discomfort. No one likes the idea of ​​spending time in a doctor’s office, or waiting to see a doctor, however, it can not only exacerbate your injuries and extend the time it takes to be healthy, it can also harm your possible lawsuit against the responsible party.
  • Negotiating and solving the issue on your own – Our personal injury law firm, in addition to knowing the law, have a lot of experience and training dealing with insurance companies and their common practices. Always remember, the main goal of an insurance company is to pay you as little as possible. Our attorneys will use all their experience of negotiating when it is time to negotiate their agreement.
  • Not follow medical advice or be consistent with medical appointments – We understand, you are busy, but not following medical advice or skipping medical appointments could harm your well-being as well as your possible demand.
  • Not taking the step to Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney


A Lawyer in injuries should be consulted immediately:

  • When the responsibility of the accident is in doubt.
  • When you have suffered injuries that require ongoing medical treatment or when a loved one died due to injuries caused by the fault of others.
  • When going to negotiate with various insurance representatives.
  • When you are not sure of the legal deadlines that must be met.


Frequent questions

  • Why do I need a lawyer? – In addition to being experts in the field, lawyers are also professionals when it comes to negotiating and dealing with insurance representatives. Hiring a lawyer to represent you will greatly increase your chances of getting the maximum benefit from your possible agreements.
  • The insurance company says I do not need a lawyer, is that true? – It is important to remember that insurers do not watch over their interests. The main objective of these companies is to pay the least amount of money possible in an agreement, so they would prefer to deal with you, than with an experienced lawyer who has a history of obtaining large agreements.
  • How much money do I need to give in advance? – Zero. In our law firm you only pay us after we win your case. If we do not win, pay nothing.
  • How much is my case worth? – All cases are different, and properly determining the value of your possible claims is one of the main responsibilities of your lawyer. This is a response that will become clearer as the process progresses.


If we do not win, you pay nothing

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