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Accident Lawyers that Work for You

Injured? Can not work? Lost income? Let us help you get the money you deserve.

  • Free Consultation
  • Immigration Status Does not Matter
  • We speak Spanish
  • If we do not win, you do not pay – it’s that simple
  • We obtain the Maximum Compensation for your Case
  • We Have Earned Millions of Dollars for Hispanic Clients


Accident Lawyers that Work for You

Injured? Can not work? Lost income? Let us help you get the money you deserve.

  • Free Consultation
  • Immigration Status Does not Matter
  • We speak Spanish
  • If we do not win, you do not pay – it’s that simple
  • We obtain the Maximum Compensation for your Case
  • We Have Earned Millions of Dollars for Hispanic Clients


Types of Accidents


If you have been in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. We can help you get maximum compensation for your case.


If you are injured at work, your employer may be responsible for covering the costs of your injury, including medical bills and lost income.


Manufacture and sale of defective drugs and medical malpractice are serious offenses, and we can help you ensure that you receive fair compensation.

Wrongful Death

Under Texas law, a person or company can be sued for wrongful death if the cause was the result of “an unlawful act, negligence, carelessness, lack of skill or failure”

You Do not Pay If You Do not Win Your Case

Millions Won for our Clients

Do I need an Accident Lawyer?

  • After an injury your life may no longer be the same. Your injury may have caused you to miss your job, which means you may have lost your income – and in some cases, you may not have your job when you return from recovery.
  • If you have been hurt, you deserve that part of your story is heard.
  • We are dedicated to helping Latinos like you get compensation for your injury, regardless of how your accident happened. As a minority, you have a better chance at resolving your case when you hire someone with experience in how the United States legal system works. We will make sure that you get fair treatment in court and have the best chance to win your case.
  • We have helped hundreds of clients to earn millions of dollars for their injuries. Let us help you too.

If we do not win, you do not pay!

Customer Testimonials
Outstanding service. Thank you so much, your team did a great job.
,May 10, 2017
Gracias al Abogado de Accidente Alejandro Padua por un excelente trabajo. A pesar de tener muy poco probablidades de ganar el caso le puso mucho empeno y dedicasion. He helped when everyone I had contacted told me I had no case. He recovered more...
,Jun 19, 2017
Exelente atencion al cliente
,May 12, 2017
Muy buen trato de las chicas, educadas, amables solo un poco desorganizado el seguimiento.
,Sep 11, 2018
Mi familia sufrió una tragedia muy fea cuando mi marido tuvo un accidente en su trabajo de construcción. La culpa fue de su compañía y fue herido muy, muy seriamente y sin poder trabajar. El Lic. Alejandro Padua nos ayudo muchísimo en recuperar los d...
,Mar 28, 2017
Yo, Francisco Villa Cárdenas, sufrí heridas y lesiones terribles relacionadas a un incidente en los departamentos donde yo vivía. Quiero agradecer a mis abogados de accidentes por el desempeño y el trabajo que han demostrado durante el trámite largo ...
,Apr 26, 2019
Despacho de Abogado de Accidentes, Alejandro Padua Por este medio le queremos agradecer por su apoyo que nos brindó en el caso que nos encontrábamos, donde mi esposo se murió debido a un accidente de construcción. Queremos manifestar nuestro agrade...
,Jun 21, 2018
El abogado Alejandro Padua me ayudo resolver mi accidente de auto. Al principio tenía duda y preocupaciones de buscar una asesoría legal, pero después de hablar con el abogado Padua me di cuenta que el estarían trabajando para solamente mi interés. C...
,Jun 6, 2017
Todos hablan español y me dieron excellente servicios legales
,Jun 26, 2018
Por medio del presente instrumento hago constar que los abogados de accidentes Alejandro Padua y Sara Padua por favor acepten nuestros agradecimientos por todo lo que han hecho por mi marido y nuestra familia. Estoy Sumamente agradecida por sus esfue...
,Apr 26, 2019
Es mui buen abogado el señor alejandro se los recomiendo 100 por ciento a parte es ispano y mui buena persona
,Jun 28, 2018
Yo recomiendo altamente a Padua Law Firm, un despacho legal de abogados de accidentes. Cuando mi marido murió en un accidente terrible de camión de 18 ruedas, yo no sabía cómo mi familia iba a sobrevivir. Gracias a Dios encontramos a Padua Law Firm. ...
,Mar 28, 2017
Gracias al abogado Alex Padua, por haberme ayudado en mi accidente de trabajo, puso mucho empeño y dedicacion, asesorandome correctamente. es un abogado que habla español y todo su personal tambien, lo recomiendo a mis paisanos Salvadoreños e Hispano...
,Jul 1, 2018
Cuando necesites un buen abogado en caso de cualquier tipo de accidente , no dudes en buscar la ayuda de el abogado Alejandro Padua uno de los mejores abogados del estado de Texas . Eficiente , capas y save hacer justicia este es su número -(713)-84...
,Jul 9, 2018


If we do not win, you pay nothing

Attoney Alejandro Padua

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77056 (713) 900-6424

How does an Accident Lawyer work?

  • Start by scheduling a free consultation with one of our attorneys. We will ask you questions about your injury to determine the best way to handle your case.
    If we decide to take your case, you pay nothing in advance. We will take care of all the legal procedures and present your request so that your case is heard in the Court if necessary.
  • We will work with you to prepare your case and show that you deserve compensation for your injury. You will know everything you need before your court day so you can feel comfortable and safe in front of the judge.
  • If you win your case, you will pay a percentage of the money you earn.

A Partner you can count on

  • We take the initiative As soon as we accept your case, we start working as soon as possible to receive your money.
  • We work for YOU. We will meet when you are available and when it is convenient for you, whether in your home or in the hospital. Our work is not complete until you are satisfied.
  • We focus on compensations derived from injuries. Our legal team has the knowledge and experience in
  • Handle your injury case with dexterity. Getting the money for your injury claim is what we do best!
  • No hitch required We can advance all the expenses of your case, and we will spend what is necessary to obtain ajust solution.
  • All customers are important. Your needs are unique, and it is our job to make the best possible decisions for your situation. We treat each case with the attention and respect it deserves.
  • If we do not win your case, you do not pay! We are sure that we can get you the monetary compensation that you deserve If we fail, you pay nothing.
Founder of the Legal Buffet Lic. Alejandro Padua, represents individuals and companies, both domestic and foreign. Provides legal advice in the area of ​​persoanl injury.

Who are the victims of Accidents that we help?

Our experienced attorneys are highly qualified in handling all types of injury claims, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the correct Accident Lawyer?

If you have been injured and expect compensation, choosing the best accident lawyer could mean the difference between winning or losing your case. If you need help choosing a lawyer, consider these important points before transferring your case:

  • How much experience the lawyer has with his type of injury
  • The ability of the lawyer and the staff to speak your primary language
  • If the lawyer has other cases in which he is working
  • The lawyer asks you questions to understand your unique and particular situation


Will I have to go to Trial?

In many cases, companies and other individuals involved want to avoid trial. In certain cases it is prudent to do so, we work hard to solve your case before coming to trial.


How long before I receive my money?

Each case is different, so there is no specific time when you will receive your money. As soon as your case has been settled, it may take 2 to 8 weeks to establish the details of your case and give you the check for the amount of your compensation.


How much money can I receive for my case?

The amount you will receive depends on many factors:

  • The total amount of your medical expenses and the severity of your injuries
  • The income you lost for missing work
  • If your injury caused permanent damage
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish
  • Other accumulated expenses of your injury


What can I do to increase my chances of winning my case?

The more evidence about your case that you can provide, the more credible your case will be. Any of the following elements related to your case can help:

  • Photographs and any other evidence
  • Medical record
  • Police report and any other official documents you have

If you think of other details that might help your case, please make a note of them and provide them to your lawyer.


What Steps Should I Take After an Accident?

When one has suffered an accident, be it an accident at work, an explosion accident, an accident at sea, a car accident, or some other type of accident, the injuries can be serious and the emotions high. However, there are important steps that need to be taken in the mere scene of the accident and afterwards.


Nine Important Steps to Do After an Accident:

  1. Guarantee the Safety of the People Involved
  2. To call the police
  3. Stay on the Scene
  4. Speak with Witnesses
  5. Take photos
  6. Be Careful in Discussing the Incident
  7. Get information
  8. Follow Up on Your Medical Treatment
  9. Ask a lawyer

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If you are injured, do not wait another day. Call us today to see how we can help you get the money you need to survive. Life after an injury is not always easy, but with us by your side you do not have to go through this alone.


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