Uber Accident lawyer Burbank Ca

Uber Accident lawyer Burbank Ca

The popular ridesharing service, Uber, is at the center of a federal lawsuit, accused of ripping off its own drivers for a long period and for a lot of money! Indeed, Uber doesn't have the best reputation for being upfront about how it pays its drivers. Undercover reporters have found numerous incidents where there was a significant difference between the fare that Uber charged its passengers and what they told their drivers that the passengers paid.

Many drivers are complaining that they've been ripped off by Uber, and there is currently a large federal lawsuit against the company. The fact is; there is ample evidence that the company is not upfront or honest about what it charges its riders. Drivers are constantly finding themselves being deprived of the full extent of the contract that they entered into with Uber, and they can ask the court for damages.

Can I File an Uber Lawsuit in Burbank?

Fare discrepancies have ranged from as little as $0.15 - $8.00. A class-action lawsuit filed in federal court against Uber accused the company of deceiving drivers and denying them the "true and accurate amount of money they should be paid." The company continues to breach the terms of service that the drivers all sign when becoming employed by Uber. Uber is hiding their fare discrepancies because it should be disclosed clearly in its contracts.

This has been happening across Burbank and across the country, ride after ride after ride! It mounts up quickly. Some estimates have shown that lift may be profiting north of $2 million each day just in the pay discrepancy that occurs between passengers and drivers. This does not include the standard fee that Uber deducts from their drivers. We don't think it's too much to ask for Uber to be upfront about the fare the show to passengers and drivers, and that is why Albert Abkarian & Associates is happy to help Uber drivers file suit against this deceptive company.

Start Your Lawsuit Today

Although Uber is in the spotlight now, this sort of behavior flew under the radar for a long time, and it's wrong! It is time that Uber is held accountable and pay their drivers what is rightfully theirs! If you would like to file an Uber lawsuit in Burbank, you're in the right place now. Contact Albert Abkarian & Associates today to get started with a free consultation.

Why Does Uber Breach its Contracts?

Uber's justification has been that passenger pricing and driver pay are based on two different factors. According to the company itself, when Uber quotes a price in advance to the passenger, it uses an estimated time and distance, but driver fare is based on actual time and distance. Interestingly, there has never been a reported case where the driver came out on top of this discrepAncy. Further, according to Abdeljabar et al. v. Uber, drivers wages are accumulating to average far below the Burbank minimum wage. This is another claim that can be made against Uber.

Uber Accident lawyer Burbank Ca
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Uber Accident lawyer Burbank Ca
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Uber Accident lawyer Burbank Ca